Help Desk

Technical Support

It’s no surprise how much we depend on technology in our daily lives; more and more people are working remotely from home and streaming their entertainment online – and problems can happen at any hour.


As your organization grows, so does the need for customer service that is knowledgeable and comprehensive. If your organization’s product or services require in-depth technical support, you need experts that know how to troubleshoot any issues to solve your customers’ problems on the spot.

ShortCut services are completely customizable and include:

24/7 Helpdesk Support

Technical Support

Customer Service

Quality Assurance Support

NOC Monitoring Support

Windows Systems Support

Linux System Support

Accounting Services

Industry Expertise

As a recognized leader in outsourced technical support services, ShortCut has the knowledge and best practices to support you with unmatched service levels and responsiveness. We use customer feedback to build brand loyalty for your business, and we represent your company with expertly trained and courteous staff who are knowledgeable, responsive, and helpful.

Dealing with IT issues can be time consuming, expensive, and frustrating for you, your employees, and IT staff. ShortCut offers a comprehensive suite of Help Desk services that can handle any IT issues that come up. We can also reduce your IT costs by performing many of your help desk functions with the expertise to handle even the toughest technical challenges.

Customer Experience

The quality of help desk technical support your customer receives is just as important as the quality of the product itself. Building up your brand reputation and growing your business means maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty. In today’s competitive marketplace, the frustration caused by long hold times and inexperienced or uncaring support staff can quickly land you with lost customers and lost revenue.


ShortCut call centre solutions offers a full range of support – from Tier-1 handling of common issues to multiple-tier support applications. We’re experienced in building and integrating single as well as multi-tiered help desk technical support solutions, resulting in satisfied customers, reduced service costs and an increase in the lifetime value of your customers.